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Burnt Coffee

Playwright Stanley C Jackson SR returns with his newest theatrical masterpiece!

“Burnt Coffee” is a musical journey of excitement & adventure and the mistakes we sometimes make along the way. - We celebrate the good but can’t always forget or forgive the not so good. Everyone falls, but recovering is easier when you have a soft place to land.

Experience this amazing peek into a typical day at MS Cora Lee’s Coffee spot, where they sing and dance their way to thru the ups and downs of trying to live their best life with “Burnt Coffee”!


Main Street Park

Be it a breakaway moment just to collect your thoughts, hanging out with your crew, or getting some words of wisdom and encouragement from members of the village, it all goes down in “Main Street Park”. It is the heartbeat of this urban neighborhood, but the city fails to see its value and plan to replace it new condos and retail stores.

 See how this community handles the day-to-day challenges of trying to live their best lives singing and dancing their way through “Main Street Park”. - Award Winning Playwright, Stanley C Jackson SR is back with the Hottest New Musical of the season. Experience the Excitement, the Passion, and the Rhythm of the most magical spot in the neighborhood, “Main Street Park”!


Strive! The Musical

Embrace the musical journey of three women who took very different paths to conquer the challenges of city and circumstances to find their way. Prepare to be captivated by the smooth jazzy tones and the effortless feel good dance moves of Stanley C Jackson SR’s most progressive and encouraging theatrical presentation to date. How do we persevere? How do we push through and overcome our circumstances? We get up everyday and..….



Yet Holding On.jpeg

Yet Holdin' On

At the core of “Yet Holding On” are themes of faith and family. It follows the members of a lower-middle class family struggling through issues with finances, identity and other personal issues.

Living in the Black.jpeg

Living in the Black

This is a Theatrical Musical that depicts the consequences of the silence of domestic violence and teaches how to recognize the signs of abuse early on. It will inspire others to tell their story and to see domestic violence differently.

It Takes a Village.jpeg

It Takes a Village

Drug abuse, domestic violence, bullying, parental and peer pressures, and the angst and self doubt that are common to all teenagers ... they can add up to overwhelming pressures that many students in this day and age must cope with outside the classroom while simultaneously trying to master the academic coursework.  This is precisely why “It Takes a Village.”

Who Do You Think You Are.jpeg

Who Do You Think You Are?

Stanley C. Jackson's sophomore project, centered around the idea of never forgetting where you come from.

Can't Wait Til Sunday.png

Can't Wait "Til Sunday

They had it all going well until it all fell apart. Come and see how the Thomas family gets through a week of successes and obstacles. Would you handle it the same way? experience the happiness, the tears, and the pressures of a week that will have you screaming!

Get ready for the laughs, the music, and a visit back into the 70's as SJM Productions Presents: "Can't Wait 'Til Sunday"


The Golden Box - A Christmas Story

It's the Holiday season! Sometimes we can get so caught up in the festivities and in our daily routines that we forget about the things that are really important. like our family! Also it makes it easy to forget about the real meaning of the season.

Take a peek into the lives of the Hughes family and see how they handled their Christmas Season by discovering what was in the Golden Box! This DVD is the live recording from the Production performed at the Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church in Evansville IN

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