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Stanley C. Jackson Sr., a native of rural Southern Illinois, grew up as an inquisitive and rambunctious young man.  His father, a decorated Vietnam veteran, would sometimes take the family to various duty stations including a tour in Germany.  They eventually settled in Illinois. Growing up, Stanley proved to be a quick learner with an equally quick wit and quite the knack for making others laugh...hence the title "class clown" was often given to him.

It was in that small town that he began to discover his love for art, music and comedy.  He taught himself to play drums, bass guitar, saxophone, and keyboard. It wouldn't be until years later that he'd learn how to make them all work together.In July 2010 Jackson wrote, directed, and produced his first full-length play "Yet Holding On" at a local high school as part of a local celebration. Surprisingly, it was a big success and led to the development of Jackson's own production company, SJM Productions LLC, created to house the growing library of stage plays that would be forthcoming.

In March 2011, Jackson presented his sophomore project entitled "Who Do YOU Think You Are”, which opened locally at a small venue, the Center of Hope”.  It was followed by “Guess Who’s Coming for Christmas”, and “Can’t Wait Till Sunday”, which was featured at the New Orleans Urban Theatre Festival in New Orleans, LA in June 2014, after opening at the Henderson Fine Arts Center in Henderson Kentucky. Jackson also was awarded a Playwright of the Year award for his work at the DPI Playwrights Awards Gala in New York in 2014.


Jackson is a member of the Dramatist Guild of America and the AACT (American Association of Community Theater)

“It Takes a Village,” Jackson’s forth musical, was presented at the Victory Theater of Evansville Indiana in 2015 and awarded the Stage play of the Year Award at the 3rd Annual Playwrights Gala in San Antonio Texas.  “Living in the Black” is an adaptation from the book by the same title. A true story of a women’s experience with domestic abuse, “Living in the black” Opened at the Henderson Fine Arts Center and has since been performed at the Historical Gem Theater in Kansas City.


Jackson writes all of the original music for his plays. For his now 8 Full-length musical, he has written more than 60 songs. 10 of these tracks have been recorded and produced for an album entitled “Curtain Call”, which was released late 2012 by recording artist John Johnson. Jackson has gone on to write and produce "Strive" the musical in 2016 and "The Golden Box" in 2017.


After relocating back to the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas in 2018, Jackson presented a revamped version of  "Strive" the musical as his first presentation to the Las Vegas community July 2019., followed by "Main Street Park", and "Burnt Coffee".He is now in rehearsals for the production of "ICU The Musical" Which will hit the stage in September 2023..

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