SJM currently houses a library of 7 original productions that have all been previously produced for multiple performances in various cities. This list includes several award winning productions.  All productions are currently available on DVD in the MEDIA STORE.  New scripts are currently being written to add to this impressive list of productions. 

Current  plays available....

"STRIVE "the musical" - Life is sure to throw obstacles our way, and sometimes a helping hand or a kind word can help us navigate through its many adventures to find our own Happiness. Embrace the musical journey of three women who took very different paths to conquer the challenges of city and circumstances to find their way. Prepare to be captivated by the smooth jazzy tones and the effortless feel good dance moves of Stanley C Jackson SR’s most progressive and encouraging theatrical presentation to date.

How do we persevere? How do we push through and overcome our circumstances? We get up everyday and..….

“Strive” is a message told musically as you watch a Odessa Burns utilize her experience and wisdom by dedicating her life to helping others avoid the ruthlessness of the streets in her neighborhood. She (Odessa Burns) rents rooms in her house for the hand picked young ladies that she feels may need a helping hand searching for their happiness and following their dreams. Other members of the community assist her in her mission. Follow the stories of the individuals currently living at the burns residence and be encouraged as you Laugh, Sing and Dance with an amazing cast in “STRIVE!” The Musical.

"The Golden Box" - “The Golden Box” is a modern Christmas story about the Hughes family. A family that has gotten so caught up in their day-to day activities that they no longer take time out to spend together as a family. The parents are so busy that they don’t notice the challenges their children are facing despite the warning signs. Grandma however, has a plan that will bring the family back together for Christmas while the youngest sibling, Monica, has a plan of her own to shine a light on the true reason for the season. Spend a day with the Hughes family and friends and you’ll be amazed at what is in “The Golden Box” 

"Yet Holding On" - The story of a middle class family struggling to make ends meet while balancing family and faith. The need to take a fast food job leads to some hilarious moments and some amazing musical selections.

"Who Do You think you Are"  - Junior gets his own night club and somehow forgets where he came from. The response from family and friends is priceless as these moments are performed thru dance and musical interpretation, with comedy sprinkled all over it.

"Guess Who's Coming For Christmas"– This is what happens when kids from different sides of the track put a plan together that leads their families to spend Christmas together. Through it all they discover the true meaning of Christmas thru song, laughter, drama, and a few tears.

"Can't Wait Till Sunday" – this story will take you to church! It deals with the  every day problems that we all face and how we look to recharge on Sunday but what about when you can’t wait till Sunday? Theatrical dancing, amazing music, and of course, you’ll laugh uncontrollably while receiving a great message.

"It Takes A Village" – an amazing story based in the struggling school. What as they deal with bullying, abuse, and other problems at home that effect this group of kids at school. Experience this taste of Broadway!! SJM Style with 10 musical selections and choreographed dance moves. Spend a day at the school and you’ll understand why it takes a village!!!

"Living in the Black" – adapted from the Novel “Living in the Black” written by Brenda Blackmon, this production relives the experiences of Brenda Blackmon and her struggle through the clamps of domestic violence. Commissioned to help inform the audience of the warning signs that can lead to domestic abuse, LIB utilizes a great deal of drama, dance, amazing musical performances and a touch of comedy to lighten the mood at the right time. “Living in the Black is a traveling production that will be performed in various cities annually.

***a complete synopsis of each play is available upon request.

The cost to book a production in your city can vary by location and by production. Please contact us for a quote for bringing a production to your venue. The Production cost does not include travel and lodging for the cast and crew. Other costs to consider that will be the responsibility of the promoter, include, Marketing, Venue rental, Microphone rental, if venue doesn’t provide, playbill printing, etc. 

The average overall cost of producing a play range from 6K-12k or more depending on how you market the production and the cost of the venue you select, etc.

A budget worksheet is available at your request to help estimate your production costs.

Please contact us to book an amazing theatrical production for your city.

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