Character                      Gender           Age Range           Race          Singer       Songs                      

ODESSA (filled)                    female                        60-65                         open               yes                  2.5
She is a alert and quick witted older woman that has accepted her calling to help guide and support other women and young ladies that move into the city not know the challenges they will face. The challenges she faced as a young girl when she arrived. Singing Part!

SARAH                                    female                        20-30                         open               yes                  1.5
She is one of the tenants in the Miss Odessa's house. She left home as a teen to stay with some friends and ended up homeless on the street and eventually in a shelter where Ms Odessa found her and gave her a room. She found the Lord while in the shelter and is determined to save everyone she meets. She is now the fiesty church girls now. Singing Part!

DELILAH                                 female                        35-40                         open               yes                  1.5
She is a tenant in Miss Odessa's house that used to be an exotic dancer.  Her lifestyle back then caused her to lose her daughter. She is now a waitress and trying to show the caseworker that she has changed and can take care of her daughter now. Not interested in anything else and is working hard to get her daughter back but is still at times tempted with her old life. She doesn't believe she has time for a relationship because of her baggage and focus on her daughter. Singing Part!

SHARMAINE                        female                        25-30                         open*              no
She lives in the house and is Odessa’s adopted daughter. Odessa took her and raised as her own, sending her to college etc.
She is educated and has a job at a law firm downtown, but doesn’t want to leave her mom to pursue her own dreams.

DUKE                                          male                           65-70                         open               no
He is an old guy in the neighborhood. He is Jackson’s buddy and they hang out at the stoop playing cards and screening tenants for Odessa. He is also a funny old man

JACKSON  (filled)                     male                          65-70                         open               no       
He lives in the same building down the hall. He is very supportive of the ladies and Odessa. He is very opinionated and funny. He is always teaching and encouraging.

BUFORD  (filled)                              male                          35-45                         open               yes                  1.5
He is the mailman for the neighborhood. He is always late, but manages to keep a good job and often seeks advice for the old guys. He is also very attracted to Delilah who won’t give him any attention. Singing Part!

ROSALYN (filled)                       female                        19-22                         open               yes                  1.5
She is the newest tenant to come to the house. She is a young girl that didn’t want to go to college , but want to jump right into adult life and do “something big” in the city. She is motivated and doesn’t care what people say about her passion to do something, anything big. she thinks she knows better than her parents and is an excited and bubbly young girl. Singing Part!

PAPER BOY                               male                           12-16                         open*              no
He is a young boy that sells newspapers in the neighborhood. He tends at times to be disrespectful to adults. Which is something his mother wont tolerate.

LISA                                                 female                        25-30                         open               no
She is Charmagne’s best friend. They both work in the city and she lives downtown and really wants her friend to move to her building so they can live the city life.

CASE WORKER                           female                        35-55                         open               no
She is the social worker assigned to Delilah’s case. She is a stickler for following the rules and looking out for the best interest of the child, but really wants to reunite Brandy with her mom. she is a little snooty and straight laced.

MS HAYES                                        female                        35-45                         open*              no
She is the paperboys mom. She has zero tolerance for foolishness with her sons behavior and is determined to raise the right way. She is loud and aggressive. She usually leaves the house dressed down, rollers and all.

OMAR                                                   male                          30-50                         open               no                       1
Omar is the owner of the strip club that Delilah used to dance at. He is a business man and is very smooth and persuasive when he speaks. He is always looking for new girls that he can employ at the club. He preys on young naïve girls but wants no part of Miss Odessa. He is determined to get Dee back into the club. Omar has 1 musical number with Dee (singing dialogue)

APARTMENT HUNTER                female                        28-35                         open               no                   
She is a random apartment searcher seeking a room. She has a good job and is just looking for something convenient to her workplace. She is not the type of tenant that Odessa seeks. She is sharp and professional.

BRANDY                                             female                        16-18                            open*              no                     1
She is Delilah’s very smart and lovable daughter that has been taken from her mom pending evaluation. She is well known in the neighborhood by the older people in the community and the tenants in the house. She has special relationships with each of them. They are her village. She understand the situation with her mom, etc. the tenants of the house are what she know as her family. She hates when people talk as though she isn't in the room and doesn't feel as though people listen to her. Singing Part!

POLICE OFFICER                          Male                           open                             open               no                   
The local policeman typically covers the Main St block where Odessa lives. Tries to scare the youth when approaching them with emphasis on taking them downtown. Really wants them to learn from their friends and family. He is a character in his own right. Make it your own.

*Consideration for related character race
**Note: ages represent character ages. Person cast in the part must be able to act to that description, with makeup, costume, props, etc.

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